Compare Results

— Day 47 ( It is a Count Down )

  • there is still tension, anxiety and uneasiness that brings about rush decisions and silly mistakes
  • temptations are flat lining
  • uninterrupted critical thought setting in
  • recovery from injury — results still normal — it could be due to other factors
  • seeking pleasure through social media, sports, banter and gossip — lessening — this could be due to other factors
  • the approach has the feel of the vegan challenge — 26 month now.
  • there isn’t much inner turmoil or expecting any big shifts
  • there is a whatever happens happens kind of attitude.
  • it could work
  • sleep — no noticeable change
  • quality of interaction with people — no noticeable change
  • time management — no noticeable change
  • energy levels — no noticeable change
  • lifting power at the gym — no noticeable change
  • level of comparison with other people — no noticeable change
  • satisfaction with my life — tiny change
  • creativity — slight change
  • rate and quality of articles published — a bit high, but quality stagnant.


— for it to work you have to abstain for a long period of time and compare results…’’



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