Compare Results

— Day 44 ( It’s a Countdown )

5 days in…

  • More collected — in terms of personality, charm, expression of self, clarity
  • A bit sharper in terms of attention to detail, less silly mistakes
  • More motivation or inner reserve to do tasks that require a stretched mental application
  • More productivity at work
  • Less lag in thinking — more on time and correct responses
  • Injuries — shoulder and ankle almost fully recovered
  • Sincere admission of how wrong I was and apologies to emma
  • Gossip, bunter and chit chat for entertainment — no significant change
  • Enhance control of carnal desires
  • No much backlash from my mind — in terms of inner turmoil about it.
  • No heaviness of keeping count of days
  • No ulterior motive apart from comparing results throughout the experiment period
  • Lessening probability to revert back — to early to speak
  • More stoic — calmness.
  • Use of social media and YouTube and following sports for entertainment — no significant change.
  • Quality of interaction with people and honesty with self — a slight but significant change.
  • Quality of decision making — no significant change except for lessened reactivity.
  • Feelings of insecurity — still there especially about money — scare to be seen as a penny pincher — which only makes me a penny pincher illogically sometimes.
  • Getting value for money — yes.

‘‘…can changing one thing, transform one’s entire life?

It depends on what it is that is being changed…,

If the thing being changed is fundamental or at a foundation, then a huge transformation will be the domino effect…, the foundational lie has been plucked from underneath, the roots have been affected, the whole building will come crushing down…’’



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