More Observations

Day 39, — a bit more sharp, cautious, less silly mistakes,

Procrastination is still there — but it has significantly lessened

How do I know? I get more tasks completed within the same day

Fatigue has lessened, I get a lot of rest even with less sleep

Gained 1kg + of weight (mass) — this is largely due to other factors.

I still think with my Johnson — but it’s lessening in intensity.

Gossip, banter and talk? lessened a bit…

Back lash from my mind? Very little, because I am not at war/forceful with it, hence it does not retaliate. The mind wants to observe, it wants to compare results, it also knows that I am being honest about if the 47th day comes and going back is still a worthy coarse it will happen…if a transformation will have happened, the mind will be in a new state and going back will be impossible. It will be like me relapsing to sports betting, or eating meat, or dating girls who drink, or not going to the gym, the mind won’t allow it to happen. It just won’t.

Quality of interaction with people — it is there.

Levels of energy and excitement — through the roof — only at the gym and onset of good music

Seeking entertainment through movies, sports, politics, self-adornment through social media, YouTube shorts etc — increased consumptions by a huge percentage — just an observation, I will let it play it course. I have tried to forcefully stop myself from these but it has never worked

  • I have deleted peoples numbers so that I don’t view their WhatsApp statuses.
  • I have muted posts and stories both on Instagram and Facebook but I am still caught up in them
  • I delete the Instagram app right after using it, then use the website to browse, It fall for the search and explore rabbit hole almost every time.
  • I use YouTube go to check my content but I slip to YouTube shorts — I spend hours and hours on it.
  • I check politics and sports content on twitter for hours and hours
  • These are observations without a slight compulsion to say I should not do them, or I should reduce or It is not healthy or whatever. They are going to play out their coarse — any repression is regression.

Sharpness of thought — yes

Freedom from my mind — a pretty good percent — but I still fall victim to circular loopy thinking…

‘‘…he feelings himself growing new skin, because he has found the truth therefore he roams the earth as only a free man can. ’’



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