Take A Look

Take one more look,

Take a look at what you could have had,

Not because you couldn’t have it, but because you showed you didn’t want it,

The disrespect,

The don’t care attitude,

Taking me for granted,

Ignoring my counsel,

The mind games,

The cleverness where honesty was needed,

The contempt,

The inconsideration,

The lack of restraint in how you addressed me,

The choice to go and live with guys without letting me know first,

The secretiveness…,

Has culminated in this moment where I call ‘Bullshit’.

Where I draw the line.

Where I can’t take it anymore.

Where I lost the trust I had for you in the beginning.

Where life has proven to me once more that being single is better.

Where my desire for you isn’t sufficient enough to keep me from making this decision.

For to continue in this manner is akin to rewarding misbehavior,

I cannot masticate it, I cannot swallow it, I cannot stomach it.

I do not have any wishes for you, neither do I have hope. Not indifferent but dispassionate.

Relish the brief period that we had,

Learn what you can, that is really all that is left.

To meet a man like me is rare, rare indeed,

A man that values family, fidelity, femininity, respect, sobriety, loyalty, peace, enlightenment, honesty, sensitivity, care, non interference, space, genuine desire, long term thought, heart.

A diamond in the rough, a unicorn. An Only.

I bid you goodbye.

If I ever look back I will turn to a pillar of salt.



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