The Intricacies of The Mind

The human mind feels both like a separate entity from oneself and an intimate one with oneself.

The feeling of separation is seen in it’s ability to wander away, or go into things without really caring what it’s possessor wants.

The feeling of intimacy is because while it wanders away or goes into things and like a dog on leash it carries the human being with itself.

But in truth a human being in essence is not his mind, the mind is a tool at his disposal, and the nature of it needs to be understood in order for it to be at the service of it’s beholder. Failure to this, it controls the human indefinitely.

What I know about the mind so far is that -:

The mind cannot be controlled forcefully, it cannot be held by the neck. It will resist, or retaliate. It produces suffering for the human who approaches it with a forceful hand.

The mind has an element within itself that punishes insincerity/forcefulness and responds to a soft hand. The approach that answers the minds’ question of, ‘what is in it for me’. The mind needs to understand the reward of what the particular endeavor one pursues will be in order to be effective. It has to be something real because the mind will soon sniff out any dangling carrots…

Can one speak to his mind and make requests to it? This is a rare question that popped up in my mind. I picked up facets of it from Kapil Gupta’s work.

I am convinced that the answer is yes. It depends on how one makes the request, if it is against the nature of the mind, the mind will not stomach it for long.

The state of a human being comes down to the relationship he has with his mind. The human being who is controlled by mind because of lack of understanding of how it works has only non peace. The cliché that the mind is great servant but a lousy master is true.

The period that a human had the most turmoil, is that which his relationship with his mind was off. The result is inevitable. Everything must be done according to the way the mind can be made to imbibe it.

I am at a state where I have transcended the mind to certain extend — the mind transcendence thing happened to me, it is for this reason that I know within myself that I can make requests to the mind, I also somehow know the level of tact or softness I need to approach it with in order for it to work with me.

The minds works against it’s possessor it 2 ways;

a) When one is forceful with it, it resists, this resistance can be felt at the slightest or grossly as a certain unpleasant feeling.

b) When on is being leashed along by the mind. Here, the human being succumbs to the wishes of the mind, whatever direction the mind takes he goes. It is for this reason that he gets trapped in circular chases.

The ideal situation is one where the mind is working with oneself. This happens when he learns and understands how the mind works and therefore knows how to put forth requests to it. A man like this is unstoppable because he knows nothing can stop what he has put his mind to, no matter what.

I want to be that person.



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