When I look back at yesterday, I am more inclined to shut up because of how fast the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions and things such nature that I held so dear, things I could have sworn my life on are egregiously untrue.

The only safety would be to reject all my ideas and thoughts because at this point I can’t trust any of it to be the truth. The mistake here would be do so because of idealizing truth as something to live up to. The mere fact that the so called my thoughts are not mine makes my distrust of them grow more. If I sit and examine the origin of my thoughts, I am sure I can trace them back to some place, to that song, to what he said she said…very little of it is original and authentic.

I suspect that one the reasons I deleted most of my social accounts and resorted to a non personal profile in others is due to this reason. A certain week or even month I would be sold on an idea such as law of attraction, cited the few instances in my life where in my life it supposedly ‘worked’ then I later find out it is a farce, then I knew for a fact that I have lied to people, incase there was one who was genuinely seeking the truth he will have been sidetracked by such information and now I will have to go on a rant about how the other information was false, and do some sort of damage control…you get the point. The truth is rare. Extremely rare. What is flooded in the market place is half masticated ideas that are dressed up to seem like truth but aren’t, and hence only go far and don’t get anyone to the there.

So what is the purpose of writing such an article one would ask. My truest answer would be that they give me a few minutes of total engagement, laser concentration, and what is termed as flow state. My affinity towards the attraction of an audience is thinning off, it might get to a place where I am writing these articles not even for me but for their own sake. May be one day when stumble upon a jewel, something true I will say look I found something but for now the examination is ongoing, whatever might be said is not fully refined and hence are blunt to pierce straight to the humans heart and too thick to seep through skin to the humans blood and inspire some unintended transformation. Till then. With no hope, or patience, or promise that it will happen.

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